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The initial focus of this project was to identify priority problems that compromise the effectiveness and efficiency at each phase of the DWI system and how these problems can be overcome. From 2000-2003, TIRF conducted a study involving literature reviews, focus groups and national surveys of more than 5,000 front line criminal justice practitioners representing police prosecutors, judges, and probation officers. The results of this study formed the basis for and a series of reports on DWI System Improvements for Dealing with Hard Core Drunk Drivers.

In 2004, TIRF formed a Working Group on DWI System Improvements to advance the findings from the reports on system improvements. The Working Group is a coalition of more than 15 leading agencies who have come together to promote the recommendations arising from the multi-year study on the drunk driving system and inform the development of drunk driving initiatives. The objectives of this coalition are to:

  • enhance communication and cooperation among the key professional groups;
  • identify priority objectives; and,
  • facilitate coordinated action to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the DWI system for dealing with hard core drinking drivers.